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With Internet Banking you can bank whenever you want to from wherever you have a computer with Internet access!

All of your account information is at your fingertips and you can view your balance, transfer funds, make loan payments and more! To sign up for Internet Banking you must have at least one checking or savings account with us. Contact a bank representative today to obtain a user id and password.

Click here for an enrollment form!

Once you login, you will see the following options to choose from:

Account Summary: This page has an overview of all of your accounts with us. Click on an account number for more detail on each individual account.

Account Activity: Clicking on account activity will show the posting date, type of transaction, check number, description and amount of transaction for the most recent transactions on that account. You can download this information into MS Money or Excel.

Transfer Funds: This option allows you to transfer funds between various checking and savings accounts that you have with us.

Loan Payment: Make a loan payment to us from your checking or savings account.

Change Password: You can change the password on your Internet Banking account. We strongly recommend your password be between 8-16 characters and incorporate both letters and numbers. Passwords are case sensitive.

Secure Messaging: Allows you to send encrypted messages to the Online Banking administrator